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Defence training

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Our defense training lessons start soon! You can sign up now and reserve a spot for yourself.

Our instructors, army trained experts, teach in person by interactive practice drills, tailored to your situation.

You will learn how to shoot, and how to survive during emergencies. By yourself or with your partner.

We will adjust to your level of experience.


Are you ready to be safe? Join one of our in-house trainings. We will train you in basic firing arm safety, shooting skills, and self defense training. We touch many topics such as;

Distance. How to react quickly and right. Self-awareness. Basic home defense. Emergency survival. Emergency preparedness. How do you prepare. Combat life savings skills. 


Group lessons are $25 per person.
We can add you to our group's list or you are welcome with as a group of at least 10 persons.


Individual lessons are $45.


Couple lessons are $55.

What do you get with a 2 hour basic lesson;

Solid 45 minutes instructions.

Includes field trip of 45 minutes range time.

Clean up and Q&A.

What do you get with a 2 hour advanced lesson:

Hands on solid one-on-one lesson by instructor.

How to partner up and navigate together in a threat situation.